Reverse Engineer Post- Apple

Ads Strengths: The biggest strength that I saw was the Hashtag they used #ShotoniPhone when I went back to their whole Instagram page they had a bunch of pictures that regular people have taken themselves and added the hashtag to brand Apple and the quality of the new iPhone. Ads Weakness: There aren't any noticeable … Continue reading Reverse Engineer Post- Apple


Extra Gum What are the video’s strengths? I think that there were lots of strengths throughout the video.  One thing for sure is their choice of song is so classic and immediately drew me in.  Another strength that they use is the typical love story with a happy ending.  It all works out in the end … Continue reading Extra Gum

Reverse Engineer Post- Dr Pepper

Strengths: For this brand you know exactly what is being represented here.  There is not just one but three different cans of Dr Pepper.  Not only are there three different cans but each one is different in their own way.  They have different colors, flavors and styles.  They also refer to the different flavors/types of … Continue reading Reverse Engineer Post- Dr Pepper